Downtown Downhill

ambc-downtown-downhill-share-graphicOur friends at Appalachian Mountain Bike Club (AMBC) are asking for your help. Bell Helmets is awarding $100,000 to fund a trailbuilding project, and AMBC is a semifinalist!

About the Project: Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness has over 40 miles of trails for biking and hiking. The proposed “Gravity Trail” – which will include rock gardens, drops, and constructed features –will put us on the map as one of the premiere outdoor recreation destinations. It will add a cool new feature to our trails, attract new riders and businesses, and increase the desirability of our community.

Vote for AMBC and Tennessee at until May 24.

May 30: Whitewater Kayaking Roll Workshop

Ready to take your kayaking to the next level and perfect your roll? Join Rapid Expeditions for our Whitewater Kayaking Roll Workshop and gain more river confidence.

Rolling is good for you!

Date: Saturday, May 30, 10am-2pm

Description: Whitewater rolling class focusing on C-to-C, sweep, back deck roll (rodeo roll), and hand roll in flat water and moving water. Rolls will be broken
down using hip snap, paddle placement, and body positioning skills.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Cost: $95 per person — Brown bag lunch included! Yumm-o! Bring your own equipment. Demos available– call for pricing.

Book online at or call 1-888-504-7238

Things We Say #1: Face Your Work

If you’ve taken a kayaking lesson with RapidEx’s Dave Crawford, you’ve probably heard him say, “Face your work!”

While Dave says this phrase in a variety of whitewater scenarios, I’ve applied the “Face Your Work” principal to life. For instance, when I find myself procrastinating because the task at hand seems too overwhelming, I acknowledge I am procrastinating and I FACE MY WORK. When I’m distracted by my pesky cellular device, I FACE MY WORK and rejoin the present moment. When my muscles are burning and I’m begging for one more pedal stroke up a hill, I FACE MY WORK and focus on tackling the climb.




FYI: “Things We Say” are phrases you’ll probably hear if you hang out with us long enough. Although the phrases are used in a whitewater setting, they can be applied to many of life’s grand situations.

RapidEx in the Community

At the October Cocke County School Board meeting, Rapid Expeditions’ Dave Crawford and 35 North Productions’ Wes Soward presented Grassy Fork Elementary School with a contribution toward the school’s annual Washington D.C. trip. The contribution comes from the team’s Hard-ford Mountain Bike Race, which took place earlier in the year.

RapidEx with the Cocke County School Board

The Newport Plain Talk states, “The [Cocke County School] board recognized David Crawford and Wes Soward of Rapid Expeditions in Hartford. Crawford and Soward organized a bike marathon from Hartford to Del Rio with all proceeds from the event going towards Grassy Fork Elementary’s Washington, D.C. trip later this year.
Grassy Fork Principal, Dr. Judy Webb, was more than glad to receive the donation.
“This is a significant amount of money to help our students with their trip to Washington. These guys are really giving back to the community and helping people see the beauty of the area through this marathon.
They are planning to do this next year as well, and hopefully for many more to come.”

The full article can be read here: