Things We Say #1: Face Your Work

If you’ve taken a kayaking lesson with RapidEx’s Dave Crawford, you’ve probably heard him say, “Face your work!”

While Dave says this phrase in a variety of whitewater scenarios, I’ve applied the “Face Your Work” principal to life. For instance, when I find myself procrastinating because the task at hand seems too overwhelming, I acknowledge I am procrastinating and I FACE MY WORK. When I’m distracted by my pesky cellular device, I FACE MY WORK and rejoin the present moment. When my muscles are burning and I’m begging for one more pedal stroke up a hill, I FACE MY WORK and focus on tackling the climb.




FYI: “Things We Say” are phrases you’ll probably hear if you hang out with us long enough. Although the phrases are used in a whitewater setting, they can be applied to many of life’s grand situations.

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